Love Island 1kg Box

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We’re all prepared with our sweet love island mix everyday for all you love island fans 💗

Our 1kg love island mix includes:

❤️ HEART THROBS for all the LOVE to be found

🌸 HAPPY FLOWERS because yum!

💍 FRIENDSHIP RINGS for all the friendships to be made

🍉 WATERMELON SLICES because they just taste great on holiday!

🐍 JELLY SNAKES because there is always 1 snake in the villa

🍍 PINA COLADA SLICES because cocktails?!

🐢 JELLY FILLED TURTLES because turtle doves represent love

🏝 BEACH MIX because who doesn’t love a beach day?!

🌈 RAINBOW TWISTS because rainbows make us happy

🍦 ICE CREAM CANDY CONES because who doesn’t have ice cream in the sun?

🥚 MINI EGGS because I like putting all my eggs in one basket 😉

👫 BEST BUDDIES because who doesn’t want to make best friends in the villa

👄 RED LIPS because there’s going to be a lot of kissing 😏

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